How We Give

Food powers lives and we want to help our local community and the world become a better place. This is how we give back in multiple areas so no one is left behind because your purchase powers more than just your journey, it powers the journey of others too.

The Journey
  • The Journey

    Food Supply

    Over 1 billion people around the world don’t know where their next meal will come from. The support we provide goes directly toward feeding starving kids and their families. It is our goal to feed an entire family for a whole one year and many more.

  • The Journey

    Nature Preservation

    Our involvement of the Arizona Trail helps support meaningful outdoor experiences, service-learning projects that empower youth, and overall trail maintenance and development to preserve the present and next generation of Arizona’s wild lands.

  • The Journey

    Animal Welfare

    70 billion animals per year are slaughtered for food and many more are either abandoned, neglected, and abused. We believe in animal refuge and care for the animals not acknowledged. We are sponsoring animals that help directly with vet visits, medication, food, bedding, and anything else they may need.

  • The Journey


    Because we are a plant-based food company, we know that we are helping preserve the environment not only with our product but also supporting sustainability with a much larger reach. Our goal is to help preserve and protect our ecosystems through conservation, renewable energy, sustainable food systems, and urban forestry for the health and wellbeing of our future.